You know when your child throws himself on the floor in the grocery store or refuses to put on the jacket when you are in a hurry to leave in the morning? Surely it would be nice to have a little helper who reminds both you and your child of what is important when this happens?

I’m good at that! My name is Friendy and I know emotions the best. If I may say so myself.

Emotions can be very difficult. Sometimes adults think it’s hard when the little one cries, screams in anger or is afraid of things which the adult does not think is something to be afraid of.

But emotions are also amazing! Like when the sun is shining and the favorite swing is free. Or sitting on the couch and reading a book together.

Emotions are vital. Scientists say that children who can put their feelings into words and learn to use them in a good way both feel and function better. That’s great, isn’t it!

Emotions come and go, they are a part of life. If all the family members could put their feelings into words, it would be much easier whenever the emotions take over. Hand on heart, they sometimes do.

I’m excited to move into your family and help you become friends with your feelings!

Friendy is a doll with six different emotional expressions and is sold in full sets including the feelings happy, angry, afraid, sad, grumpy and calm. In addition to the dolls, there is specially written music and illustrations for each feeling.

Picture from our first children’s book. Here you find our talented illustrator Lisa Lanning

For the past fifteen years, we have made regular deep dives into the sea of emotions to understand why we have them and how to use them in a good way. The most important thing has been to develop fun and easy tools that teach children to deal with emotions.Mental illness and stress are a growing problem among children. Neuroscientists and psychologists say that the ability to regulate emotions is the most important key to feel and function well.We cannot spare our children from difficult experiences, but through play and conversation we can offer tools that helps them in life.That’s why we created Friendy!